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Four job ideas for problem solvers

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Are you a natural problem solver? Do you get excited at the thought of facing a conundrum? Do you eagerly dig down to figure out the solution to problems while others are frantically running away from challenges? If so, one of these four job ideas for problem solvers will likely be a perfect fit for your proclivities.

IT technician

IT technicians spend their time at work solving computer problems. There will be a new challenge to overcome every day. In this role, you may deal with connectivity issues or problems with hardware and software. Best of all, almost every large company needs an IT technician. The best IT jobs for problem solvers like you are those with larger corporations where the IT situation is very complex. You may be dealing with hundreds of computer stations when you work at a corporation in the IT department. You can find an abundance of open IT positions on online job boards.

Travel agent

Travel agents encounter a variety of unexpected and interesting problems in the scope of their work. There are so many moving parts to a successful itinerary that it’s common for challenges to arise. For example, a travel agent may discover that the rental car agency is not willing to deliver the car that was agreed upon in the rental contract. This poses a problem for a family of four that is being offered a subcompact instead of an SUV. Travel agents spend much of their time solving problems and paving the way for smooth travel for their clients. As an avid problem solver, it’s likely that you would be well-suited for this career.

Forensic accountant

If you are eager to solve problems and you have a head for numbers, you might enjoy a career as a forensic accountant. A forensic accountant spends each day looking for answers to financial puzzles. Forensic accountants pore over financial records looking for answers to what went wrong in a particular situation. Your ability to detect discrepancies and solve problems will certainly come in handy in a job like this.

Air traffic controller

Being an air traffic controller requires focus and commitment. Luckily for you, it also requires an innate ability to quickly solve problems. As an air traffic controller, you would facilitate the safe navigation of aircraft within your field of operation at the air traffic control tower. When aircraft encounter obstacles to safety, you would use your problem-solving abilities to help ensure safe travel.

You spend a lot of time at work. Why not make that time enjoyable by doing something you love? These are four careers that would make good use of your excellent problem-solving abilities.

Do you have any other ideas for problem solvers? Let us know in the comments below.

Emma SturgisFour job ideas for problem solvers

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