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Four ways to find the right new job for you

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Nothing stirs up unsettling emotions quite like having an unfulfilling job. Unfortunately, many remain in their unsatisfying positions for fear that they’ll never wind up on a rewarding career path. If you’ve decided to pursue new opportunities and hope to find the right new job for you, here are some helpful suggestions to heed.

Work with a mentor

While embarking on this new journey, a little guidance will go a long way. Consulting with a mentor will prove a rewarding and enlightening experience. The bold decision you’ve made will no doubt be accompanied by doubt and uncertainty. When these feelings creep in, find comfort in your mentor. With their counsel and support, you’ll land a job that you can be proud of.

Get to know yourself

Finding a career that’s right for you requires self-reflection. It’s not uncommon for individuals to lose themselves while working a dead-end job. If this notion resonates with you, it’s imperative that you analyse your character. To facilitate the process, consider taking an MBTI test. Described as an introspective self-report questionnaire, an MBTI test serves to uncover your lesser-known personality traits. Once you’ve unearthed these attributes, you’ll be better equipped to make more informed decisions about your career.


The most beneficial connections are made in the most unlikely places. During this big life transition, it’ll prove wildly advantageous to forge relationships with like-minded individuals. With that said, don’t shy away from opportunities to put yourself out there. Your brave efforts will undoubtedly breed fruitful results. With time, you’ll get a feel for what line of work caters to your interests and talents.

Consider your experience

While dwelling on the past is ill-advised, it’s sensible to reflect on your previous experiences. Is there anything you’ve done that you’ve found particularly gratifying? Perhaps there are aspects from old roles that you’d like to maintain. If so, consider these while you’re moving forward. A blend of your prior work and future goals will leave you at the ideal middle ground.

Finding your dream career is a nerve-racking undertaking. However, with great risk comes great reward. Once you’ve made peace with the fact that patience and resilience are warranted, the rest will figure itself out. In the meantime, the above advice will help guide you to your perfect job.

How did you find the right new job for you? Tell us your experiences in the comments.

Lizzie WeakleyFour ways to find the right new job for you

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