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Four job ideas if you want to work outside

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If your office feels stuffy, you may benefit from finding a new job outdoors. You’ll be able to breathe fresh air, feel the freedom you crave and have a lot more space to work in. These outdoor jobs may be just what you’re looking for- here are some job ideas if you want to work outside.


Environmentalists include environmental educators, environmental scientists and environmental lobbyists. Your duties will depend on your chosen career. The job of an educator is to teach environmental science to college students. A scientist figures out useful ways to protect and preserve the environment. Lobbyists help organisations meet goals by persuading legislators on important environmental issues. These careers require a college degree. It may be beneficial for lobbyists to have previous volunteer experience, while scientists should know computer and information systems.


Geologists use the planet’s past history to figure out how this might affect future processes and occurrences. Some jobs include preparing maps to assess damage, conduct studies about earth’s materials, and study past and current climate. The minimum requirement for a career is a degree. Geologists work in settings such as nonprofit organisations, universities and laboratories. Maths, science, geography, computers, writing and communication are useful courses. A geotechnical engineer is a highly-skilled specialist who deals with earth materials.

Marine biologist

A marine biologist studies the ocean’s plants and animals. They carry out scientific research on beaches, salt marshes and ships. They may do research in a laboratory where they observe tiny organisms or animals enclosed in tanks. A degree is the minimum requirement, while a Master’s degree is becoming more commonly preferred. Maths, chemistry, zoology and biology are some college preparatory courses.

Landscape architect

Landscape architects use different technologies, such as CADD software, to prepare models for designs of gardens, public spaces and various environments. They also plan where flowers, trees, walkways and roads will be located. Landscape architects may benefit the environment by designing rooftop gardens and making plans to restore vital areas like wetlands, mines and streams. A lot of the time they work in offices, meet with clients and head to job sites. Get this job by completing an internship, earning a state-issued license and obtaining a degree in landscape architecture.

A job in nature can be more than a means to make money or just spend time outside. Exercise your brain muscles by using science, maths and other valuable subjects. You might find a meaningful life and help the planet as well.

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Emma SturgisFour job ideas if you want to work outside

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