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Four methods which can help you choose the right career

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You’ll spend a good portion of your life working. As such, your career choice impacts your life more than just about any other decision you may. That being the case, it’s of great importance to select the right career for your personality and your goals. A number of methods exist that will assist you to choose the right career. Here’s a look at four of them.

Hobby-related skills

Maybe you like to draw or to decorate homes or build craft furniture. If you do, then chances are you spend a great deal of time working on these hobbies and building the skills related to them. These skills could turn into money-makers if you learn how to market yourself.

You can also turn a hobby into a business by treating it like a business, i.e. take clients, develop stock, send invoices, etc. You can also use those skills to get a more traditional job. If you want to go that route, then be sure to put together a portfolio of your work so potential employers can see your skills in action.

Apply where you shop

Maybe there’s a coffee shop you love or a home-improvement store. If you spend lots of time in these places, it’s likely because you like them. This fondness could translate into a new job or even a career. For example, applying at the coffee shop you frequent could lead to a job as a barista and eventually career as a store manager.

Take a career assessment test

What’s really cool about taking a career assessment test is that it’s completely objective. This proves useful when you feel like you can’t really look objectively at what careers you might like. An assessment is also useful if you don’t know what your strengths are. If you’re in this boat, then a trip to a career assessment site might just be in order.

Speak with a careers adviser

For those who are about to graduate from university or who want to change careers, the career adviser can be a sanity saver. This person knows about the most popular careers. They will also understand how your job skills and personality type might fit into the current job market. Of equal importance, this career professional also knows what the market trends are, according to The Balance Careers.

Finding the right career for you takes some time and a great deal of thought. It also requires you to understand your skill sets or be willing to gain some skills if the job of your dream requires skills you don’t have. Fortunately, many ways exist to find the right job for you from applying at places you frequent to taking career assessment tests to show you the career(s) that might be right for you.

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Meghan BelnapFour methods which can help you choose the right career

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