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What you need to know about becoming a wellness coach

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If you’re passionate about health and have the drive to help other people, then becoming a wellness coach can be the perfect career to start. Wellness coaches provide individual attention to their clients and work on the specific goals of each person in their care. Once you’re ready to become a coach, there are a few essential facts you need to know.


Education is an integral part of providing accurate information and guidance to your clients. While certification is not required, it is highly recommended so that you have proof you know what you’re talking about. If you want to turn it into a business, you can also consider earning a degree, which will mean you have more to offer your clients. Many universities offer wellness coaching for those who decide to do a degree in nutrition and fitness or psychology.


Marketing yourself as a wellness coach is necessary to attract new clients and grow your business in the industry. Without promoting your services, it can be difficult for people to be aware of your presence and how you can improve their health and well-being. Consider starting a blog where you share your knowledge and can invite your readers to opt-in by responding with emails. You can also run Facebook ads to promote your opt-in and reach more people. Facebook is also a great place to host your own group, where you get the chance to gain new clients and establish yourself as an authority. You’ll have a platform to present valuable content to your members and connect with people in a personal way.

Find a mentor

You can achieve early success if you make it a point to find a mentor when you’re starting out in the business. The mentor will be capable of creating leads and connecting you with the right people. Look for someone you admire who has a high profile and has had longevity in the industry to ensure you can model their practices and attain the same success. Try to talk quarterly for 30 minutes to check-in with the professional and have the time to ask questions.

Becoming a wellness coach can be rewarding, but it takes some work to get to a comfortable point in your career. It will prove to be a learning experience and will require extra time and energy to succeed. With the right steps taken, you can make yourself stand out in the industry and attract more people to your services.

Eileen O'ShanassyWhat you need to know about becoming a wellness coach

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