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Four pieces of equipment you need to start a cosmetics line

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Whether you come from a background as an Instagram influencer or a makeup guru, starting your own cosmetic line can be a fantastic way to leverage your followers into creating a solid business. With demand for cosmetics seeming to increase all the time, it makes sense for savvy entrepreneurs to take a piece of the pie for themselves. Before you start down this road, though, it’s important to consider the costs of what you’re doing. This is especially relevant when considering the equipment that you’ll need to support your operation. To help you understand where to start, here are some examples of the types of equipment you’ll need in order to start a cosmetics line.


The first piece of equipment is one that most may not think of: the labeller. The labels on your products are vitally important because of the impression they can make on your customers. Therefore, the labels you use need to be attached uniformly and straight, every time. To help you with this important task, it’s a good idea to have a labelling machine on-hand as you grow your business. This will prevent you from having to label your products by hand so that you can get them to your customers more quickly.


This piece of equipment is especially important if you are creating your products in-house. Most cosmetics aren’t made from just one ingredient. If they were, everyone would be making them. Therefore, to help get the right mix of ingredients, an industrial-grade mixer is key. By consulting with silicon mixing equipment suppliers, you can find the best mixer to meet your business’s needs when it comes to capacity, speed, and other nice-to-have features.


After your cosmetics have been mixed, the solid ones will need to be extruded so that they can be packaged. While you can do this process by hand, it will take a long time and could lead to hand cramps and muscle aches. By using an automatic extruder, you save yourself the manual labor and help ensure complete product uniformity at all times.

Shipping label printer

As your business grows more popular, you’ll be printing a lot of shipping labels to ensure your products end up in the hands of your customers. Printing a shipping label can put a lot of wear and tear on a typical inkjet or laser printer. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in a shipping label printer during the early stages of your business’s development. Plus, using a shipping label printer will allow you to easily use labels with adhesive that’s been pre-applied, saving you the cost of multiple rolls of packing tape.

Standing out in the cosmetics space can be a challenging undertaking. After all, the cosmetics industry is fairly crowded and quite mature. If you’re able to focus in on a specific niche of the industry, though, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to create a lucrative career for yourself. Follow these tips to get started on your cosmetics career.

Did you start a cosmetics line? How did you do it? Please share your tips in the comments below.

Brooke ChaplanFour pieces of equipment you need to start a cosmetics line

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