Four things to know about a company’s brand before you say yes

Top employees want to work for a company with a strong brand. However, a company’s brand is not always apparent at the time of interviewing. Here are some things to know about a company’s brand which can help you decipher whether it has a winning name.

External image vs internal image

A company may hold itself out to the world as a fun and happening place. But sometimes the reality from the inside is quite different. Other times, the company comes off as staid while the internal culture is freewheeling and goofy. Typically, it is best for the company’s projected image to match what it is actually like. This eliminates the possibility of any dissonance in the workplace.

Office decor

Bags in Bulk explains, “Office layout speaks volumes about a brand. A fun, casual, laid-back place likely has art on the walls, bright colours, and an open atmosphere. A more cut-throat office will more likely have individual offices, and areas where top performers are highlighted. Immediately upon walking in employees and clients should be able to feel what type of business environment and brand exist.” Pay close attention to the office decorations because they will tell you quite a bit about what type of office it truly is and what message is being reflected.

Company benefits

Potential employees may be able to learn a lot about a company from the benefits that they offer. If the company makes an attempt to either be innovative or flexible in what they offer, it says quite a bit about the brand. For example, if they offer parental leave or same-sex partner benefits, it speaks volumes about what the company is willing to do for its employees. Access Perks explains: “Top reasons for many employees leaving a job: insufficient pay (44 percent), limited career paths (43 percent), lack of challenging work (30 percent), work-life balance (28 percent), and lack of recognition (27 percent).” Generosity is something to look for in a new employer.

Employee engagement

You should be on the lookout for a company where employees seem to be engaged in things that do not simply just fit into the four corners of their job. Workplaces where employees participate in advisory boards and in other extra activities are signs of happy employees. Unhappy workers will tend to keep to themselves until it is time for them to go home. On the other hand, companies with strong brands have employees who focus their effort on what they believe is for the overall good.

You do have ways to avoid selecting a bad employer. Be on the lookout when you are in the office if the company’s culture and brand are to your liking.

What do you think are other things to know about a company’s brand before taking a job? Let us know in the comments below.

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