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Six essential tips to help you get hired fast

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Many say that good things take time, but, unfortunately, when it comes to your job hunt, time is a luxury that you just may not have. Whether you’re feeling the financial strain of long-term unemployment or are in a hurry to leave a toxic work environment, sometimes you need to make your next career move sooner rather than later. Finding a new job can often be a long, drawn-out process, but with these essential six tips, you should be back in employment in no time at all.

Clean Up Your Resume

Applying for jobs with a pre-existing resume just isn’t going to work. Since the last time you used this document, you may have changed your contact information, gained new experience, or earned new qualifications. This means hiring managers would be judging you on your past self. For the best chance at getting an interview, you should tailor your resume to specific positions.

Get Specific With Searches

Scrolling through positions that you’re not interested in can be a huge waste of time. Thankfully, most major job boards and recruitment agency sites, e.g. A&S Recruitment, allow you to filter results. This means that you can search by company, location, type of job, and many other options. By doing this, you ensure that you only have to read about jobs that you might apply for.

Build An Online Presence

Just like you might do some research on companies you’re applying for, these companies will also want to learn a little more about you. For this reason, most hiring managers and business owners will check out the social media pages of applicants before offering them a job. With that in mind, you must ensure that you build and maintain a professional online presence.

Put The Work In

While some employment-seekers get lucky and are accepted for the first role that they apply for, most others spend weeks or months hunting for a new job. If you want to reduce the time you spend doing so, then you’re going to need to put the work in now. Treat finding a job like it’s your new job and dedicate the hours you would normally be working to searching for employment.

Impress At The Interview

Once you’ve secured the interview that you’ve worked so hard for, the last thing that you want to do is blow it. To avoid this, you need to prepare for this important meeting by working on your interview skills. You should also research the company and dress in a way that meets its dress code. When possible you should avoid being late, but, if you can’t help it, then always ring ahead.

Remember To Follow Up

Whether you’ve heard back about a job offer or not, you need to remember to follow up a few days or so after your interview. Make sure that you send a thank you email or letter stating how appreciative you are for being given an opportunity. You should also reiterate why you want the job in question. This shows your genuine interest and will help you to stand out.

Hunting for a job can be tough, but, with these essential tips, you should be able to make the process quicker and a whole lot easier.

Do you have any tips you’d like to add in the comments?

Career CamelSix essential tips to help you get hired fast

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