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Four tools which could help in the construction industry

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Digging is part and parcel with the construction industry. One must get deep underneath the ground in order to provide the supports and structures necessary to build safe and secure buildings. Over the years, such digging techniques have dramatically improved thanks to new and innovative strategies which can help in the construction industry. Consider the following four as testimony to this fact.

Build in proper exits

If you are digging more than four feet in depth, you need to have some type of egress built into. This can be made possible by any of a number of tools, such as ramps or ladders. The key is to provide a safe mechanisms by which any of your construction workers on your site can exit the area in the event of an emergency. No exit should be located more than 25 feet away from any worker.

Account for sloping

You need to have the tools ready to account for a slope. This is because existing safety regulations require that any trench you are digging that is more than five feet deep needs to have some type of protective system in place. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as a trench this is made in an already stable and solid bed of rock. Different tools such as Certified Material Testing Products can help you in this endeavour.

Make sure heavy equipment knows its place

Technology certainly aids many a construction site today. The heavy machinery that construction workers have at their disposal today sure makes the job easier, but you must respect the power and bulk that these machines bring to the site. All heavy equipment must remain a minimum of two feet away from the edge of any excavation site. This will prevent accidental falling due to operator error or weight displacement.

High visibility clothing is a must

Working on a construction site is no time to engage in a fashion contest. Bright clothing should be worn at all times, no matter where on the site one is. This is especially true for excavation crews. People need to see you in order to avoid running a machine straight at your body.

These are four tools that are not only helpful in the construction industry, they should be considered mandatory. Keep it safe out there as you excavate. While construction companies are under the gun to meet deadlines, they should do not do so at the risk of compromising the safety of their workers.

What other things canĀ help in the construction industry? Tell us below.

Kara MastersonFour tools which could help in the construction industry

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