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Four unusual transportation jobs perfect for recent graduates

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There lots of different jobs in the transportation industry. Public transit, commercial transportation, and other licensing options are almost constantly hiring as more people are commuting to work or transporting products. These jobs can offer you the perfect starting off point for your career as most of them offer on-the-job training or easy licensing. Here are some of the unusual transportation jobs that are worth considering when you’re a recent graduate.

Delivery driver

There are all sorts of delivery driver options available. You could focus on delivering food from restaurants to customers, home grocery delivery, or packages from a variety of companies. Being a delivery driver could work to increase your job experience and give you an opportunity to find something that you really enjoy. This may be the on-the-job training that you need in order to move onto something that better appeals to you in the long run.

Commercial licencing options

Getting your CDL licence opens up the world of commercial driving. There are lots of different types of drivers that are needed in order to transport goods. You could focus your efforts on long haul transports or on more local delivery options. This could include becoming your own boss if that’s something that interests you. Many trucking companies are looking to take on contract drivers that are able to meet the needs of their business. Having options in the transportation industry gives you greater flexibility for your career.

Medical transportation

Transporting medical patients or even medical specimens is another option that’s available to you. Hazmat shipping is an interesting field because this is something that you can put on your resume that will help to set you apart. Medical transports in general are a field that’s growing as more people need medical care and laboratory testing is being outsourced. You can get into this field with a little bit of training and do something that’s unique. Some companies like High Q offer training courses for shipping specimens and other potentially hazardous items.

Bus driver

You may not have considered being a bus driver, but this is a field that can be perfect for those looking for something outside a cubicle. You could drive a bus for your local school district or even help to get people around using your local public transit system. Both are good options and tend to offer on the job training. Many of these types of jobs offer good benefits that can help you to make it into a meaningful career. It also allows you to interact with other people within your community.

Transportation needs are going to increase in the coming years. Consider starting in one of these exciting careers if you have an interest in working in the transportation industry. As more efforts are made to simplify transportation and increase public transit, these jobs could be wonderful ways to make money as a recent grad or even the start of a new career.

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Brooke ChaplanFour unusual transportation jobs perfect for recent graduates

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