earn money inbetween jobs

In-between careers? Here’s how to make money while job hunting

To secure a position that’s challenging and rewarding in equal measure is the Holy Grail of careers. Everyone should aim to find a role that makes them want to get out of bed on Monday morning. However, it takes time to cultivate a successful career. In the beginning, you might be in between jobs and struggling to earn enough money to pay the bills while gaining valuable experience. It’s nothing to feel embarrassed about because it’s part of the process. Instead, it’s essential to consider the best ways to increase your side hustle earning potential so that you don’t need to take a job you hate to pay the bills. 

Here is a selection of methods at your disposal.


Thankfully, freelancing has transformed into a major industry that is now accessible to workers of all capabilities. As long as you can craft a decent pitch, you have a chance to obtain work in your chosen field and get paid. The trick is to search in the right areas so that you increase the odds in your favor. Online job sites, such as Indeed and Reed, are excellent platforms, as is Freelancer. Fiverr is a website that offers a wide range of opportunities, all of which pay $5 per project. The money is small, but it’s a solid start.

Remote Selling

Amazon and eBay have changed the way people view their old stuff. It’s no longer junk, but valuable goods that demand lots of money. Whether you’re trying to sell traditionally or online, the basics remain the same. That means you have to find a niche or a way to make your listings more appealing. A CD duplication or furniture upholstery service could be the answer if you want to repackage old, used items. Alternatively, you can write funny, witty descriptions that make people laugh. Last but not least, never forget about the power of SEO.

Leverage Your Assets

Straight away, you will think, “I’m not selling my car or my home!” The good news is that you don’t have to because there’s a way to keep them and make money at the same time. All you have to do is leverage your assets to people who need them more and are willing to pay a pretty penny. Letting strangers stay on your couch is a typical example currently, yet you can lease your parking space, too. If you live in a city or commuter town, commuters will hire your drive to avoid the hassle of finding a space.

Share Your Ideas

Whatever your job title, you’re a customer, and consumers are full of good ideas. At least, that’s what companies think when they’re trying to sell more products and services. Therefore, businesses are happy to pay you to complete surveys or take part in focus groups as it gives them an insight into the mind of customers. For you, it’s a couple of hours of work each day that results in a decent living wage. Plus, it’s not taxing.

Are you in-between careers? How do you earn enough to stay afloat?

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