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How to follow a career in the insurance industry

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Even in the current economic climate the insurance industry is still booming, so if you are soon to graduate or contemplating a career change, insurance is a great choice. Yet people often overlook the insurance field as they are unsure about qualifications and what the job entails.

However, there are a variety of entry roles and routes into the insurance industry. Here is how to forge a successful career in insurance.

Areas of the industry

There are many branches and types of insurance, including finance, health, property, life and insurance comparison to name but a few. Generally speaking, insurance guarantees a supply of money, support or assistance in the event of death or accident. There are also different types of insurance for individuals and businesses.

Qualifications and roles

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have a finance or business degree to gain employment in the insurance industry. No matter your area of skill or level of qualification, any talent can thrive in the world of insurance. A career in insurance can involve anything from building rapport with customers and meeting sales targets, to writing and investigating.

If you are considering a career change, you will have gained key life and work skills that can be adapted in an insurance role. Likewise, if you are a recent graduate, you will have gained transferable skills from your degree.

If you are a gifted writer and grammar wizard, consider underwriting for a company like Catlin. If you have a science degree, use your knowledge in health or medical insurance. If you have a vast knowledge of antiques, jewellery or cars, appraisal could be a great fit. Or consider a career as a broker if you have good maths skills.

A rewarding career

A job in insurance can be rewarding, challenging and filled with variety. If you choose a career in insurance you will experience: stability in a growing industry, endless problem solving and challenging opportunities, the chance to continually learn and expand your knowledge, and a competitive salary. There is also unlimited potential for advancement. You will start in an entry position but if you are committed, there are opportunities to progress to director and executive roles.

If you are considering applying for a role in the insurance industry, you will need to think about your strengths and which area you would like to go into. Good luck and make sure you prepare for your interview.

Are you considering a career in the insurance industry? Let us know in the comments below!

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Sam GreenHow to follow a career in the insurance industry

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