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Mentoring: being someone’s role model

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You know that song from The Jungle Book? The one that goes “I wanna be like you, I wanna be just like you. Walk like you, talk like you, too.”

There was always something about that song. As a kid, whenever I heard it, I would get excited and immediately start imitating the cartoon characters dancing around. As I got older, I understood what that song meant. To me, it was all about finding that one person to whom you can look up to, someone to idolise and craft your life behind.

Be that guide

Other than my family, who has guided me my entire life. I wanted to see if I could be that person for someone. I wanted to be able to help someone, whether it be to bring them out of a difficult situation or even help them with homework. That is when I decided to sign up for my school’s tutoring program.Usually most schools will have this option, where students can sign up to assist younger students with their daily homework and anything else they might need. At my school, we would get paid. So in my eyes, I was helping kids and also making some money which I could spend on that brand new pair of earrings I had my eye on.

Reap the rewards

Being a mentor or a tutor is incredibly rewarding. Not only are you helping someone, which let’s be honest, the world needs right now. We are all human after all and all fighting the same battle that is life. So taking a little time out of your day to put a smile on someone else’s face will always be rewarded. It also gives you the opportunity to be around different people which will help you in the long-run in your career. How to adapt yourself to suit different situations and different people. Mentoring and tutoring is an opportunity for self-development and improvement, so sign me up for that!

Would you give mentoring or tutoring a go? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: US Department of Education / Flickr

Nandini SehgalMentoring: being someone’s role model

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