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How to make job hunting less stressful

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It can be very challenging to find a new job that you find fitting. Many people are out there searching at the same time, and there may be a limited number of positions available in your field and location.

It would help if you focused on ways to reduce your stress and anxiety as you job hunt so you can stay well. Find ways to break the cycle so you can stay focused and put less pressure on yourself. Accept responsibility and the initiative to ensure you take good care of yourself while you’re looking for a different work opportunity.

Seek Help

You can make job hunting less stressful by putting yourself out there and seeking help from others. For example, working with a professional agency such as Silven Recruitment is one option if you’re currently looking for work and could use some guidance. They have experts who can help you get interviews and try to place you in the right position for your skills and experience. Also, use your online and offline networks as resources and reach out and ask them if they know of anyone who’s hiring.

Create Structure

You’re going to drive yourself crazy if all you do all day is look for and apply for jobs. Instead, create structure in your day, especially if you’re out of work now. Set a schedule with yourself that includes showering, working out, eating nutritious meals, and then taking some time to search for jobs. Carve out a specific timeframe during each day when you sit down and concentrate on working on your resume and applying for positions. It won’t feel as overwhelming if you’re giving yourself breaks and have other activities going on in your life.

Find Support

Be mindful that you may need additional emotional support during this uncertain time. Therefore, you can make job hunting less stressful on yourself by finding support from others. Get in touch with friends and family members who you trust and can relate to what you’re going through. Ask for advice if you want it and listen to what tips they have to offer you. Have people who you can call up if you’re having a rough day and need some encouragement to keep you going strong. All you may need is a pep talk and someone to remind you that you have a lot to offer an employer.

Focus on the Positives

While it may be difficult to do, it’s also essential that you focus on the positives during your job hunting journey. You’ll experience less stress when you engage in uplifting self-talk and concentrate on all that’s going well for you. For example, it may be that you’ve received several callbacks and interviews or compliments regarding your skills and background. You have to get in the habit of recalling all the positives that are occurring even though you may not be landing the job you want right away. Negativity and talking down to yourself will only make you feel unmotivated, and your pessimistic attitude may come across in future interviews.

Have you got any tips to help stay calm whilst looking for jobs? Share them in the comments below.


Career CamelHow to make job hunting less stressful

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