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The boring (but important) stuff with immigration

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Some people might not realize this, but the world is truly your oyster. Your skills and experience can expand across the world if you want it to. All you need is to have the ambition and guts to look beyond your borders. It could be the American appeal that attracts you, the Nordic lifestyle, warmer or colder climates, or the melting pot that is Australia. 

For most, work is a means to an end, a way to secure the life you want. And as more companies operate globally and job interviews can be done via the internet nowadays, there is plenty of opportunity going around.

Making The Plunge

Once you take the plunge and are successful in landing a job, there will be plenty to arrange. If you’re lucky you will have your new employer sorting everything out, but some people will have to dot the i’s themselves. And as soon as you land the job you will think of the more obvious questions such as where to live, what kind of home to rent and how the nightlife looks like. 

There are also a few boring and tedious things you need to think about, and if you miss a beat here, it could have dire consequences. Here are the key ones.

Do Your Research

You will have to consider some of the basic requirements you will need by the law of the country you are moving to. In most cases, you will need some form of working visa to be able to stay for longer periods of time. This is usually provided by your future employer in parts. 

Also, think of registration with the (local) government, declaring home address and occupation. In most cases, you will need some form registration number so you can do your taxes as you are usually required to pay local taxes. Think of mandatory health insurance you might need to have. There is plenty of paperwork to sort out so make sure to reserve time to do those things once you have arrived in the country. 

Try to do as much research as possible before you fly out, so you know what to do. Also, consider anything you need to arrange in your home country. You might need to declare your new address and sort out your taxes (are you still paying these in your home country, or are you paying tax in your new country).

Plan Ahead

It’s also important to plan ahead and consider the option you might want to stay in the country. You could be doing an excellent job, but there is always the possibility that your employment ends prematurely. Or you get a better job offer from a competitor. 

It’s extremely important to know how losing your job, or switching jobs will impact your eligibility to stay in the country. It’s one of those things you will want to be prepared for or even talk to an immigration agent for. It would be a shame if you are building a new life, and on a technicality, everything is put at risk. Preparation is everything.

Have you immigrated? Share any tips you have on the experience with our readers.

Career CamelThe boring (but important) stuff with immigration

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