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Five jobs for people who love to travel

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It is a dream for many to travel the world, so doing a job that enables you to do so is a dream come true. Visiting exotic places near and far, experiencing new cultures, and seeing life from many new perspectives and getting paid to do so is a privilege. If you want to make a career while seeing the world, here are a few jobs for people who love to travel.

Flight attendant

There are a number of key skills required to be a flight attendant as you are dealing directly with members of the public. It is glamorous to be flying from place to place every day but there’s also the reality of serving customers. The one key point to remember about becoming a flight attendant to indulge your love of travel is that if you work short haul, there is less opportunity to visit and see the places you fly to and from. Long haul flights with opportunities to stopover are the preferable option.

Travel journalist

Combining a love of writing with seeing and experiencing new places in all corners of the globe is the happy job of being a travel journalist. You need to be good with words to conjure up images that evoke a real sense of a place for a reader. You can travel in various ways which makes it all part of the fun and adventure: take a plane; drive a rental car with one sure insurance; sail a boat; or even get to where you need to go on horseback. Every adventure is different, and it doesn’t ever feel like work.

Teach English

English remains the pre-eminent language so teaching English is a sought-after skill in many parts of the world. You do not need a degree to teach English but most reputable positions require that you have undertaken some training such as gaining a TEFL qualification. (Teach English as a Foreign Language). TEFL positions are usually in towns and cities rather than remote areas.

Cruise ship worker

These days, cruise ships are like floating cities. Because of the huge range of facilities on a cruise liner, there is also a huge array of jobs. Positions exist in everything from skilled maintenance workers to entertainment staff. There is a need for catering staff, leisure staff, tour organisers, housekeeping staff, customer service staff, and also, the staff who actually run and man the ship. Many of the skills you learn on land can transfer to a cruise ship.

International aid worker

Nothing combines a passion for travel, a social conscience, and the need to give back like the job of an international aid worker. Whether you’re passionate about animal conservation, environmental issues, disaster relief, helping the elderly, or social improvement, there are thousands of opportunities around the world to help.

There are just a few of the jobs where you can see the world while working. These are career type jobs rather than the sort of job you would do short term while you backpack your way around South America or Australia.

Have you found a job that allows you to work whilst getting to travel? If so, share your experiences in the comments below.


Career CamelFive jobs for people who love to travel

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