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Is a career in finance right for you?

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It seems that more and more people are looking to get into financial careers. They might be looking to become a financial controller or accountant. They might be looking to become advisors who run blogs. Whatever the case, you need to make sure you’re heading into the pursuit with the right frame of mind.

This article, of course, isn’t going to cover everything. There’s so much reading material on financial careers out there that we couldn’t possibly condense it into a brief blog post. There are also several personal conclusions that only you can come to yourself. But this article may well push you in the right direction.



The finance industry is a lucrative one indeed. As with many lucrative careers of this kind, the requirements of entry are quite high. (This is how they can keep wages for finance professionals high!) It doesn’t mean you have to spend up to a decade at some specialist college, the way budding doctors must do. There are a variety of educational levels that can help you get your foot in the door.

An undergraduate degree is often considered a minimum if you want to enter the finance sector. A Master of Business Administration degree is more common, though. Thankfully, getting an online MBA in finance is very much possible. There are others kinds of master’s degrees out there. Some in the finance sector even have Ph.D.s, though this isn’t necessary for the majority of available careers.

Where can finance jobs be found?

Finance jobs can be found pretty much anywhere! That’s because the vast majority of businesses need someone with the financial know-how to help run the company. Because demand for finance professionals is so high, you can often land a job not long after leaving your university. The career office at your college should be able to find the details you need.

Aside from that, your best bet is probably to go to job listings sites like most other people! There will be finance, banking, and accounting categories on pretty much every job listing website. Take care not to jump at the first job opportunity you see. Your skills are in demand, so you have less need to compromise with an unsatisfactory position.

What are the most competitive careers?

As I mentioned earlier, finance jobs can be very lucrative. But what are the most lucrative jobs out there for someone with a finance degree? Perhaps the first one you’ll think of is the position of financial controller. As the person who takes care of a company’s financial planning, budget management, and debts, you’ll have a lot of responsibility. It’s responsibility that pays well!

Tax managers are also in very competitive careers. You could work for a company or for several individual clients. You’ll be overseeing tax planning and reporting, making sure everything is accurate. Two more you may not have considered include fund accountant, or senior-level accountant. Accountants don’t always start with incredible salaries, but if you gain enough experience you could be looking at a lot of money. Another is a valuation analyst. You’ve got a lot of choice in the financial career field!

Have you had experience in the finance sector? Share your thoughts on a financial career in the comments below.

Career CamelIs a career in finance right for you?

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