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Joining the school of second chances

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Life is very rarely a smooth and frictionless path. It has its ups and downs, and, as a result, it’s not uncommon for people to find themselves low in luck and unable to see a way forward. When you’re already under a lot of pressure, it’s easy to understand how a specific situation might lead you to make a mistake that can forever transform your life. The thing about mistakes or even mishaps is that you can’t always avoid them. They appear as the logical conclusion of a path that you don’t control anymore. The question you want to ask yourself is: Should a mistake determine the rest of your life forever? While the mind might be tempted to say no, we all know that there is no save and reload function in life – unlike in video games, where errors can be easily forgotten and undone. But it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a second chance. Second chances are the pinnacle of inspiring work.

Indeed, more and more generous souls are trying to provide the chance of a new start to those who need it. It’s the case of Dillon Eisman, a young teenager from Los Angeles, who wants to tackle confidence issues in the homeless population of his city. He’s opened a startup that recycles old clothes for young people who live on the streets. His purpose is to help them regain their confidence and sense of self to encourage them to attend job interviews or go back to school. Eisman’s design is behind a non-profit organization, Sew Swag, which is aimed at helping others. However, Eisman, being only 17, lives with his parents and doesn’t need to worry about maintaining his lifestyle. In other words, you might struggle to follow his non-profit path. However, there is more than one way of giving others a second chance in life. In fact, whether the support that is required is legal, HR-focused, emotional, medical, or even professional, you’ll be surprised to know that the industry of second chances is a market full of job opportunities if you know where to look.

Provide the youth with adequate support and guidance

Kids can have a hard time telling the good from the bad, especially when they lack parental models. A teenager who is neglected by his parents can feel forced to develop coping mechanisms as a way of proving to himself that he can look after himself and others. Unfortunately, more often than not, vulnerable teens can look for support with the wrong kind of social crews. As a direct result, poor decisions can occur. Teenagers need guidance as they grow up to figure out what is right and wrong, and more importantly to understand how to make a place for themselves in life. Unfortunately, as they lack guidance, they can make the wrong decision and land on the other side of the law. Punishment, while advisable, is unlikely to help them find their way back. However, a trained community youth worker, which is a role available for police officers who qualify with a BAP online program, can make a great deal of difference in encouraging young and vulnerable individuals to tackle their behavioral and emotional issues. A typical day is a mixture of administrative tasks, facilities management, project and work planning, and face-to-face interactions. The skills you require, therefore, range from a variety of accountability to leadership and community management. Similarly, your role can also be preventive, as you can join community centers to help teenagers to deal with their problems before they choose a criminal path.  

Help those who’ve been out of a job to get back

People who’ve been out of employment for a long time often struggle to get back to work. There is a variety of reasons why one person might find themselves out of employment. From extended maternity leave to accidental injury, a once skilled employed is stuck at home for a long period of time. The longer they stay away from their professional environment, the more difficult it is to get back and find a position that matches their experience and skills. That’s precisely where recruiters can play a significant role in helping long-term unemployed individuals to regain their confidence. The first step is to define not only their skills, but also the best way to present their work history. Crafting an effective resume is a complex art to master. However, with the support of an experienced recruiter who understands how employers read applicants’ resumes, a long absence from the workplace can be introduced as a positive element. The secret is to design a resume for each position an applicant applies to, which means that you have to tailor the information to what each specific employer expects. Recruiting agents who choose to work with long-term unemployed candidates can dramatically improve their chances and boost their self-confidence.

The understanding HR manager who works for everyone

Human resources have a terrible reputation. Most employees fear meeting with their HR department, as they tend to consider that when the HR manager organizes an appointment, it’s likely to be bad news. In reality, the human resources team can help to build a successful business by ensuring that everybody is in the best possible role for their skills and experience. In other words, when a position may not seem suitable, the HR department can not only help you to evaluate your situation and even register your interest in a different role. Indeed, too many employees find themselves stressed out by their day-to-day tasks and feel stuck in a professional pattern. Changing career can be necessary to find job satisfaction and self-confidence. However, changing jobs is daunting. As a result, most people choose to remain in their position, where they accumulate professional mistakes and detach themselves from the company. In the long-term, it’s a costly attitude that can affect not only their health but also their business viability. It’s the role of the HR manager to spot issues before it’s too late and offer a different professional path, giving employees the meaning their long for in their jobs.

When debts get the best off people

You know how things are when it comes to money. Things might have started just fine, and suddenly you stumble across an unexpected invoice, and it has a snowball effect on your finances. For a lot of people, debt is accidental. Nobody plans for debts, and, for many, debt leads to other liabilities, and soon enough they find themselves stuck in an endless tornado of unpaid invoices. First of all, it’s essential to understand that debts happen almost against your will. Ultimately, when you have to maintain your lifestyle and proactively manage your household, it’s easy to see how you can accumulate high costs despite your best efforts. Left unattended or unmanaged, debts can destroy many lives and force people to become homeless and unemployed. Recovering from such dramatic circumstances is difficult. But, if you choose to offer debt counseling and recovery services, you can give many individuals the hope of a better tomorrow. Your role as a counselor is to help individuals to make sense out of their monthly budget; what comes in and more importantly what goes out. Therefore, it’s essential to make your services available as early as possible to the debt-ridden population. Aside from providing guidance and support to manage their budget, you also help them to settle their creditors and negotiate payment rates.

Giving a new meaning to your work life

Accidents and illnesses can affect an individual in ways that no recovery process can erase. Indeed, a disability caused by a crash or dramatic health issue is a new and terrifying experience that can affect your professional career. For individuals, coping with a disability is challenging. It’s not only mourning the loss of their fully abled body, but it’s also about understanding and managing their new limitations. A dedicated coach can not only encourage newly disabled individuals to learn new ways of staying independent and empowered, but also exploring solutions to maintain their job and passion. Indeed, assistive technology can transform their professional life and ensure their disability is not an obstacle. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to have to learn new skills to remain relevant in the workplace. Providing a disability rehabilitation program can help many to adjust to their new life.

Ex-convicts also deserve a chance

When individuals are finally released from prison after serving their sentence, many struggle to rebuild their lives outside of jail. Indeed, there is little support available in terms of employment, housing and health insurance. But creating an organization that teaches ex-cons how to launch a business can give them the opportunity they need to start a new and fulfilling life. Indeed, without support, prison inmates are likely to be arrested again as they are left without any chance of earning a living. However, offering business guidance can be all the help they need to not only stay out of prison but also achieve professional and financial stability.

Everybody deserves a second chance. Even with the best intentions, people make mistakes. Yet, offering those who need it the opportunity to rebuild their life, their career, their finances, and their confidence is, by far, the most rewarding job you can get.

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Career CamelJoining the school of second chances

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