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Three jobs where you don’t have to sit at a desk all day

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When you imagine work, you shouldn’t limit yourself to office environments. While plenty of people are happy to sit at a desk all day, others find themselves stifled by what they see as a restricting environment. If you’re looking for a career that lets you be far freer, consider working in any of these three industries.


Agriculture is one of the long-standing industries in all of human civilisation. Cultivating crops and tending to animals is hard but immensely rewarding work. While there are some desk-based agricultural positions, you should look into ones that let you get into the field. These include being a farmer, horse groomer, or hydrologists. You can learn all about how to tend to the land and where our food comes from. You can study agriculture in college or look for training on a local farm. You’ll end up with plenty of calluses, an affinity for waking up early, and an appreciation for how much work agriculturists put in on a regular basis.


For many, education isn’t a career, but a calling. They’re so dedicated to teaching that they see their paycheck as just one part of the satisfaction. There are 2.4 billion deskless workers worldwide. You could help some of the 226 million employees in the education field. One of the best paths to take is as a teacher – you can study education at university and get a degree. A good way to tell if this field suits you is by working as a student teacher. You can adapt to the classroom environment and hone your teaching skills this way.


Healthcare isn’t something that just anyone can participate in. To be a great doctor, nurse, or another healthcare worker, you need to be able to understand people’s needs, both bodily and emotionally. You can attend medical university to become a doctor or nurse. But there are healthcare careers that don’t require you to have a specific degree, such as being a physical therapy assistant. All of these provide the opportunity to meet all kinds of interesting individuals and gain pride in your ability to take care of them.

Each of these industries can give you a great work experience not only through how they free you from a desk, but through how they let you stretch your abilities as far as possible. By taking part in any of these industries, you can stretch your legs and broaden your horizons.

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Eileen O'ShanassyThree jobs where you don’t have to sit at a desk all day

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