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How to make sure you are properly recognising your employees

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Your employees are your company’s most valuable resource. Yet many employers don’t give their employees as much attention as they do other resources, and you may find you are not properly recognising your employees. In general, people don’t require constant maintenance, upgrading or capital improvements to be effective, so it’s easy for employers to assume that they’ll continue simply to do their jobs until there’s a problem. Though unlike a piece of equipment or a facility, people generally will do their jobs more effectively when they’re told they’ve done a good job. Although it’s easy to think employees will continue to put in their best efforts every day, studies have found that some simple encouragement from employers can have a significant positive impact on employees’ productivity and engagement.

That’s why a growing number of businesses are implementing formal programmes for employee recognition. These programmes reward employees for their efforts through perks, physical rewards and organised events. Employees who receive service rewards through these programmes tend to be more motivated, more engaged with their work, and more connected to their co-workers. Many employers say they have seen their internal cultures become stronger as a result of such programmes, and the same can happen in your organisation.

Establishing an employee service recognition programme doesn’t require a substantial outlay. What’s more, it can be extremely effective without commanding a lot of resources, as long as it is implemented properly. Giving employees choices for their rewards and using the business’s branding throughout the recognition programme contributes to a feeling of community and teamwork that can help boost engagement throughout the company.

Your employees are essential to your business, but your company may not be paying as much attention to them as it should. The following guide illustrates the reasons why employee service recognition programmes can be important tools for employers, how they should be implemented, and some of the most frequently asked questions about them.

Properly recognising your employees infographic

How do you make sure you are properly recognising your employees? Post your advice in the comments below.

Infographic: Point Recognition

Kelly Chesterson is Vice President of Operations for Point Recognition. Chesterson holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Baldwin-Wallace College and is a Certified Engagement Practitioner. She has worked in the reward and recognition industry for more than eight years.
Kelly ChestersonHow to make sure you are properly recognising your employees

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