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How the cloud improves job relations for remote workers

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Working remotely can be one of the most rewarding experiences, as you are able to work from your laptop wherever you are across the world. Whether that be in a co-working space shared with others or from a hammock on the beach, it is no surprise that so many people are seeking jobs with that title. However, with such positives also comes a number of negatives. Often, remote workers may feel as though they are not part of the work community they would have in the office, and this means that communication barriers can spring up. Luckily, the cloud has several innovations that remote workers can jump on board with, which will improve job relations on the whole.

Improved communications

The number one barrier to working remotely is that lack of immediate communication you may get with someone who sits next to you in an office. Not only can this cause frustration between remote workers and colleagues, but it can also lead to a misunderstanding of objectives. The cloud boasts a range of communication applications that bridge the gap between the office and beyond. Those such as Slack enable voice calling, instant messaging, and group chats, which help form bonds between workers and foster a light-hearted virtual office.

A virtual brainstorm

With such ease of communication comes the ability to brainstorm as you would if you were sitting at a desk. The sharing of ideas is imperative to the growth of a business, and for spotting which employees work best in a team. The cloud means that replies can be instant. With video chats becoming more and more popular, you will see an increased speed at which remote workers can come up with a plan together.

Sharing work is easy

A job is never complete until it has been looked over and edited to perfection. Without a cloud-based system, workers must constantly email back and forth, with attachments getting lost in transition. Not only does this take up time, but heightens stress among workers when a deadline is seemingly not met. Online software like Dropbox is perfect for creating folders where workers from anywhere in the world can access and share their drafts or completed work. However, you can go one step further with Bytes and enable your workers to access entire systems from their laptop or mobile device. When efficiency is improved this much, there is no room for hinderances in job relations.

They bond through learning

A large part of cultivating great job relations in the office is through the training that is delivered in-house. Workers bond over shared doubts, dreams, and skillsets, which is something that remote workers are likely to miss out on. By creating a virtual learning space for all your employees to learn from, everyone is accessing the same material, and working out the answers to practical problems together. When your workforce knows they can rely on one another, they will turn to each other when any future issue arises.

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Career CamelHow the cloud improves job relations for remote workers

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