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Medical careers for the squeamish

Health care is an industry that appeals to many of us. It offers the chance to help others, save lives, provide emotional support, make new discoveries and change the world. But, it isn’t for everyone. Many people are put off the idea of entering the healthcare field due to a fear of blood. This is unfortunate, as there is a considerable shortage of healthcare professionals all over the world and a massive list of career options you could take, which would mean you never had to see anything that made you feel faint. Here’s a look at some of the best healthcare careers for the squeamish.


Medical research is critical. Scientific developments and breakthroughs mean that medical researchers are on the verge of so many amazing discoveries. And, the best thing about it is, this never ends. There are always new treatments to find, new conditions to be researched and new finds to uncover. Medical research is, and will always be of the utmost importance. Going to medical university to embark on a career in research can lead to a rewarding future.


Administration is often overlooked. But, without it, hospital’s, practices, and other healthcare settings would be complete chaos. Administrators check patients in, make appointments, send samples off for testing, organise doctors time and generally look after their environment and keep everything running smoothly.


Managers have vast levels of responsibility. Some hospital or practice managers will also be doctors or nurses, but it isn’t essential. Managers oversee the administrators and doctors, making sure everyone is working together for the good of the patients. But, they also look after budgets, marketing and make sure the setting is complying with rules, laws, and regulations. This is a high-pressured position, but, one which many people thrive in.


Technicians work in all sectors of health care. You could be an X-Ray technician, a sonographer, an MRI technician, a nuclear medicine technologist or someone who maintains hospital technology. Without these professions, many diagnostic and treatment options would not be available.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists do have contact with patients, but dealing with rehabilitation and mobility improvement, which shouldn’t be too bad for the squeamish. It’s thought that due to the ever-aging population, physical therapists will be in very high demand in the coming years.


Mental health is just as important as physical health, but often treatment is less readily available for mental health conditions. Therapists, counsellors and other mental health care providers work to both look after patients, and break down the taboos surrounding mental health. This is a vital role which can change both perceptions and quality of life.


Obesity is one of the biggest problems facing our society. Weight-related illnesses are one of the main reasons people are admitted to the hospital, and more children are overweight than ever. Nutritionists are needed in schools, healthcare practices and the community to educate and help children and parents to eat healthy and well-balanced diets. Saving many lives in the future.

Don’t let being squeamish stop you from embarking on a rewarding career which could see you save many lives and enrich your own.

Does your squeamishness affect your career choices?

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