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Do You Have What It Takes to Work in Sales?

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Do You Have What It Takes to Work in Sales?

Working in sales and marketing gives you the chance to work in a fast-paced industry where every day has the possibility of being different. Not only are the possible earnings great, but you can also find entry-level positions available to those with minimal experience in the field. If you can prove you’re up to the job, you could end up with a long and successful career.

Do You Need a Degree?

One of the biggest advantages about pursuing a career in sales and marketing is that it’s one of the few industries where academic achievements take a backseat to personal skills. Employers are often far more interested in a person’s individual qualities or their previous experience. However, that isn’t to say that a degree couldn’t benefit your chances of succeeding in the industry. Studying business, management, or marketing will give you a greater understanding of what to expect while a background in particular subjects, like engineering, media, or foreign languages, could help you find work in more specific roles such as technical sales, advertising, or working for an overseas company.

What Should You Expect?

Many individuals are attracted to working in sales and marketing because of the high earnings potential. It’s common for sales executives to work on commission, which means that the more you sell, the more money you’ll earn. A successful salesperson is always in high demand, so as long as you can demonstrate a proven track record you should have little problem finding work. Similarly, you’ll find that there are also plenty of opportunities for promotions once you’ve got started in the industry. Many of the chief executives and senior managers working above you will have either started their career, or at least have spent a significant portion of their career, working in sales.

How Can You Get Noticed?

With so much competition for places out there, the biggest challenge for many recent graduates will simply be getting noticed, particularly if you lack prior experience. When an interview does come your way it’s likely you will be asked to demonstrate your sales ability in the form of a pitch so take that time to shine!

During the job

In a number of sales roles you will be working with clients directly and therefore presenting a professional image is more important in sales and marketing than most other industries. An example of this would be in a field sales job, where you may be travelling to meet clients in a car. First impressions matter and, in many circumstances, the first time your client will see you is when you arrive at their office. You will not only want to look the part in terms of how you dress, you may also need to consider your wheels. Whilst a smart executive car is certainly something to aim for as you climb the career ladder, you can find respectable corporate cars for affordable prices on used outlets quite easily. Take a look to see what’s in your local area and this will help you make the right impression. Equally you may find that field sales roles come with a car provided for this reason. Either way – it’s not something to worry about at the moment!

Sales work generally requires a person who is hungry to succeed, driven by closing deals and earning commissions. If this sounds like you, why not consider it as a career?

Career CamelDo You Have What It Takes to Work in Sales?

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