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The long-term career security that nursing offers

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Around a decade ago, many people predicted that computer science would be the degree to aim for if you’re looking for a wide range of employment opportunities. Unfortunately, far too many people took this advice too seriously and now we’ve ended up with university students leaving college with no real career prospects.

On the contrary, the healthcare industry is thriving and there are countless employment opportunities and flexible jobs that can support your development.

Why nursing is a great entry into the healthcare industry

Nursing is something that can be taught to someone even if they have minimal experience and knowledge of medicine and healthcare. They undergo some basic training and the rest of their knowledge comes from experience, working with senior nurses and doctors, and practical training in the workplace.

Since much of it can be studied online, it’s quickly becoming a popular career choice for people that want to switch their careers or study something that will be useful in the long term.

Nursing offers many opportunities for growth

Not only is nursing an excellent introduction into the healthcare industry, but it’s also a position that gives you countless opportunities for growth in the future. This is because nurses can learn more skills and acquire new knowledge to help them become nurse practitioners, an effective substitute for physicians and doctors.

We’ve added an infographic that talks more about nurse practitioners and how they’re helping to improve the quality of care while also decreasing the overall costs of healthcare for patients.

Are you training to be a nurse? Let us know what attracted you to nursing in the comments below.

Infographic from Bradley University

Career CamelThe long-term career security that nursing offers

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