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The ultimate instruction manual for your first job

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One of the scariest things you’ll ever do is start your first ever job. On top of finding yourself in a new place with people you don’t know, there are also a lot of new expectations on you that simply aren’t there when you start a new school or university. You’re being paid to be there after all, so the pressure is on to prove that they haven’t made an awful mistake by hiring you. But the good news is that because it’s something we’ve all been through, and an instruction manual for your first job has been created by those in the know.

Use an elevator pitch as introduction

An elevator pitch means summing everything important up in a conversation only long enough to last a ride in a lift. It’s perfect for introducing yourself to new people at work because it keeps it brief and interesting for them, making a good impression straight away.

Look interested in your first team meeting

The chances are that you might not know what’s going on in your first team meeting, but make sure you look engaged and a part of it. If you get the chance to have your say on something, take it and show that you’re not just there for the ride.

Presenting yourself in the best way

Standing up in front of new colleagues and doing a presentation sounds like a nightmare, right? So be prepared for it and no matter how you feel deep down, project nothing but confidence and keep your eyes on your audience and not your shoes.

Receiving feedback like a professional

If you make mistakes early on, you might get some constructive feedback aimed to help you, so if this happens, be attentive and polite. It doesn’t matter how you feel, never show your frustration or anger!

Don’t be scared to ask for help

Whether it’s a task you don’t understand or technology you can’t work out how to use, don’t just sit there feeling embarrassed, get up and find someone to ask for help. They won’t think less of you for asking, quite the opposite.

Surviving a performance review

These are scary even when you’ve been in the job for ten years, but your first one is particularly daunting. Listen to your manager and ask questions that show that you’re taking everything on board.

You can find more information about these tips and how to use them in this infographic from Budget Direct. You’ve done the hard work, now it’s time to show them what you can do and have fun!

Instruction manual for your first job

What would you add to the instruction manual for your first job? Tell us in the comments below!

Career CamelThe ultimate instruction manual for your first job

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