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Three exciting careers which let you see the world

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You are looking for a career that will help you meet your travel goals. It does not have to be a job that requires years of education, extensive training, or extra funds. There are ways and means to explore careers which let you see the world. Here are some of the basic jobs that would allow this freedom and mobility.

Flight attendant

It used to be that there were many restrictions on being a flight attendant, but now almost anyone of any adult age can pursue this unique occupation. It is hard work and calls for standing on your feet for hours at a time, long waits in busy terminals, and plenty of turbulence, but the travel pay-offs are huge. You can literally travel almost anywhere in the world while working, and even when you are not working, flights are free or heavily discounted depending on availability. Not only do you get to fly to so many locales, you also get to stay in them while you wait for your next flight out.

Travel writer or photographer

If you love to write or take photos, there may be many possibilities of reimbursing yourself for places you travel to. You can write interesting and insightful articles on the places you go and the sights you see. If you have a quality camera, you can take photos and send them in with your article. Or you can sell your pictures to a stock photo online venue. Plan where you are going to go and the articles you are going to write in advance so they will be ready in a timely manner.

Lorry driver

This career may take you by surprise, but face it, truck drivers see a lot of their country. Not only do they travel across the UK, but they often go into Europe too. The scenery, the historical landmarks they pass, and the sights they see cannot be beaten by those flying in a plane. They also get to enjoy local and ethnic foods and beverages during their long treks and meet people from all walks of life. This career may be a bit less accessible if you have to provide your own lorry, but companies like Arrow Truck Sales are there to help with that.

As is clearly evident, you don’t have to be a pilot or cruise ship captain to be able to see the world. Being ready and able to tour the unknown, and enjoy different and unique cultures, should be what it is all about.

Do you know of any other careers which let you see the world? Let us know in the comments below!

Brooke ChaplanThree exciting careers which let you see the world

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