More complex than you would think

Three jobs which are much more complex than you would think

When you think about careers that you may want to pursue, you understandably spend time researching the educational requirements before finalising a decision. Some jobs only require A Levels, but many require at least a degree, various qualifications or both. Some jobs that actually seem rather straightforward and even basic may require more education and training than you might think. These are a few of the jobs that require high levels of advanced training or education as well as continuing education.

A dentist

Many people may have thought about becoming a dentist at some point in their lives. This seems like an easy enough job that has regular work hours, relatively low stress and great income. However, before you rush out to begin taking classes, be aware that dentists may complete as much as eight years of university. Many also go on to obtain various certifications to keep their knowledge and skills updated and current. Remember that these professionals must know how to use all equipment, read x-rays and imaging results, perform advanced treatments and have extensive knowledge of anatomy.

Human resources professionals

Human resources professionals seemingly have minimal responsibilities other than to post job ads, read resumes and assist with employee issues. In reality, these are highly trained professionals in the area of management. They have taken classes on motivation, employment law, general management, conflict resolution and more. Most HR professionals have at least a degree. Those who climb the corporate ladder may have a Master’s degree as well. Additional training and certifications are also usually obtained over the years so that these professionals maintain relevance in their field.

Car mechanics

When you think about mechanics, you may think about an “average joe” who spends his or her days getting their hands dirty with oil and other auto elements. Car mechanics, in reality, are well-educated professionals who have extensive training and education on all components in a vehicle. Many have at least a basic certification, and some have advanced certifications as well as a technical degree. While their job is a dirty one, you can see that these professionals have a solid background in their field.

If you are thinking about pursuing any of these options as a career, be prepared to obtain a quality education and to continue to update your education over the years for advancement and relevance in your field. Spend time analysing education requirements for these and other career paths that you are thinking about pursuing before making a final decision.

What other careers are more complex than you would think? Let us know in the comments below.

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