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Tips to organise your office for maximum productivity

Are you looking for ways to improve your productivity? The simplest approach is to just improve your workspace organisation. Creating a system and tidying up your surroundings regularly will help you improve your focus and get things done faster. Here are a few key considerations to get you started:

Think of a System and Stick to It

Routine is the key to consistency. Consistency is the mother of all great achievements.

With that in mind, the first thing you need to do when considering workspace organisation is to develop new habits and stick with them. This may involve moving furniture around to begin with, and it may require taking some minutes each day to keep your workspace in order, as well taking good care of all your tools. You have to find a system that works for you and stick with it, since you’ll find it’s the actual routine that will help you build up your motivation and get deep into working mode.

Keep Your Desktop Clear of Clutter

Your workspace is a reflection of your mind. A cluttered desktop will blunt your reasoning.

Some people seem to believe in the fabled idea that every great genius thrives in chaos, but in the real work chaos tend to breed ineptitude. We urge you to try de-cluttering your desk for a change and see how that works for you. For the average worker, a messy desk will negatively impact productivity levels simply because time and effort is consistently wasted looking for stray tools and documents. There are subtler implications as well: our brains tend to sync with our environment, so being surrounded by clutter will actually make it harder for you to think clearly.

Create a Separate Zone for Your Computer

Do one thing at a time and do it well. Separating computer work from the rest will help.

Many modern workers have a really hard time staying focused because they’re surrounded with distractions. A simple way to avoid this tendency involves creating a separate area for each type of work you have to do. When you have to do computer work, you likely won’t need all your office supplies in hand. When you’re doing paper work, your computer will just get in the way! Create highly focused work areas, since that will help you get focused on the task at hand.

Use Drawers and Organising Trays to Your Advantage

A place for everything, and everything in its place. Additional storage space will help.

A common reason why many workers invariably get caught up in a messy workplace is because they don’t have enough room to keep all their work utensils neatly organised. An easy way to get around this problem is to simply get additional drawers and organising trays, in order to truly have a place for every little object that tends to pile up around your desk. Check out this site to see many useful supplies to help you improve your workspace.

If you’re working in an office why not share your tips on how you maximise your efficiency in the comments below?

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