Where your nursing degree could take you

Unexpected places where your nursing degree can take you

Many people incorrectly believe that nurses only work in doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, and schools and, as a result, nursing is a career with limited options. The fact is, nurses are needed in a wide variety of environments. A nurse can have both a rewarding and an adventurous career by pursuing the dream of helping others in these four unexpected places. Here are some ideas of where your nursing degree could take you.

Beauty centres

If you want to be a nurse and help patients improve their appearance, a career as a cosmetic or aesthetic nurse in a plastic surgeon’s office, beauty salon, or spa is the perfect opportunity. Beyond helping patients with health and beauty education, you also provide treatment services like laser, chemical peel, microdermabrasion therapies, Botox and lidocaine injections and collagen and other filler treatments.

Public transport

Since people can get sick or have accidents at any time, nurses are also needed on popular public transport vehicles, including cruise ships and planes. If you love to travel, you can find work as a ship or flight nurse. Besides providing standard nursing services, you will also provide emergency ones. For example, you might need to stabilise a patient until the ship or plane reaches its destination or additional support arrives to carry the patient to the closest treatment facility.

Remote outposts

Nurses are also needed in areas where harsh habitats and/or poor infrastructure result in higher-than-average injuries and medical concerns. For example, you might work in a remote African village through Doctors Without Borders or earn a position at an Antarctic research site. Some people travel with missionary groups or become parish nurses in remote rural towns. These posts often involve severe challenges and dangers, including working with limited clean water and medical supplies and dealing with deadly animals or sociopolitical destabilisation. Of course, you get to create amazing memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Crime investigations

A lot of crimes involve physical harm that requires medical attention. As a forensic nurse, you work out of a hospital or organisational clinic and aid investigators by providing a medical perspective to crimes. You might evaluate remains, treat assault and neglect victims, collect evidence, or provide counselling to victims and/or their families. Many forensic nurses also testify in court about their role in an investigation.

Plenty of online programmes today allow you to pursue your career dreams at your own pace. You can find information on accredited online universities and how it works here. Consider exploring options that involve these unique nursing degree opportunities today.

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