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Know about tech: technologies that can improve your employability

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It’s never been easy to find a job, and even less easy to one that really suits you and what you need out of it; but with the advancement of technology, there are at least a number of things you can do to make yourself seem more attractive to potential employers and remove some of the hardship of the whole job-searching experience. Making effective use of technologies readily available to you is practically a requirement these days. Most businesses have adopted technology to improve their productivity so why shouldn’t you? Yet even outside searching for a job, there are ways in which technology can assist you in simply becoming a more employable individual at your core. So here are just a few of the technologies which can help to make you more employable.

Social Media

The first port of call for an employer when considering a new employee is often a visit to any and all social media pages you may have. Studies have actually found the number of bosses checking through candidates’ profiles to be at an all-time high at the moment. As a result, while your social media can often stand to hurt your chances if your potential employer finds anything unsavoury or unprofessional on there, it can also stand to benefit you. If you take the time to really polish up your social media profiles and present yourself in the correct way, you’ll already have a leg-up in the employment race. Employers want to know that you are truly the person you have put yourself across as in interviews and on your CV, so making this persona consistent with the one featured across your social media will dramatically increase your chances of being looked upon favourably by employers.

Apps and Resources

As a potential employee, anything you can do to familiarise yourself with the businesses and employers you want to work with will stand you in good stead. Utilise the internet and any means at your disposal to read up on them, get to know them, and be ready to display what information you have gained. Going the extra mile in this manner will not only show that you have knowledge of the workplace, but also display a willingness to learn on your own merits. Familiarise yourself also with the technologies these companies often use – a sap supplier portal, a piece of document management software, etc.

Online Training Courses

There are a huge number of training courses available online that can be utilised by you to gain valuable skills you may require in your potential workplace. The skills you can learn online are extremely varied, and lists have been compiled of the ones which will serve to make you the most employable. But even learning skills that may not be directly required serves to make you a more well-rounded and attractive prospect to employers overall, while also displaying a willingness to improve upon oneself that is hugely desirable to those looking to hire.

Have you used technology to your advantage during the interview process? Fancy sharing it for others?

Career CamelKnow about tech: technologies that can improve your employability

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