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Five jobs where you can turn travelling into a career

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Travelling enlightens us to the differences in the world as well as what makes us all exactly the same. If you can make a living while travelling, you hit the jackpot. Here are five jobs that can help you turn travelling into a career.

Flight attendant

As a flight attendant, you’ll be able to travel the world for a living. All you have to do in return is serve people during the flight. The job is relatively easy, and you get to go to a number of different exotic locations. Of course, not every city is new or exciting, but you’ll also get to travel to places like Rome or New Delhi. If you like interacting with people from all over, this is a great career.

Travel blogger

As a travel blogger, you can travel the world and let people know about your experiences. It can be a task to gain a following, but you’ll do it with amazing content about your adventures. Don’t forget a high quality camera to take pictures that make your blog really stand out. You get to pick your destinations and choose what you do when you get there. Of course, you should think about what the readers will want to learn about.

Lorry driver

Once you get your licence, you’ll be able to hit the road and drive for a living. You can drive all over the country and even into other countries depending on who you work for or contract with. While lorry drivers aren’t seen as the most glamorous positions, CDL truck driver positions allow you to see more of the areas you travel through than many other travelling careers would.

Travelling nurse

It takes a special kind of soul to take care of people for a living. If you are kind-hearted enough to take on this task, you can take your medical knowledge on the road. There are a number of companies who hire travelling nurses. These nurses fill in when certain medical facilities don’t have enough personnel.

Cruise ship worker

Cruise ships travel to some of the coolest places in the world. Working on a cruise ship, you’ll get the opportunity to see these places in your off-time. On the ship, you may be a server, bartender, entertainer, or maid. This is an especially good opportunity for young people who have the freedom to live on a boat for a summer or even longer.

If you are someone that likes to see the beauty in the world, try one of these professions. You may be able to make money and travel at the same time.

How did you turn travelling into a career? Let us know in the comments below.

Anita GinsburgFive jobs where you can turn travelling into a career

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