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5 reasons a degree in communications will improve your career prospects

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Picking out a degree is by no means an easy decision. Choosing one field of study to focus on can seem, not only daunting but limiting to future prospects as well. While this may be the case for areas of study like Mathematics or Chemistry, it is not the case for all. One such subject where this does not apply, and the topic of this article, is Communications.

Communications is a broad term and may leave you wondering what a degree in Communications involves. Well, at it’s simplest, communications degrees will help you better understand different methods of communications in the modern world, and how to make use of them to achieve the results you want. You will better understand how to deal with people from a wide variety of cultures and use a wide range of communicative tools to do so.

To give you an exact idea of how beneficial a degree in communications can be, here is a list of 5 reasons why it will improve your career prospects;

  1. You can do the degree online

Going to a physical university may be the traditional approach, but it is without doubt, time-consuming. The need to travel to and sit in on lectures only adds to the length of time needed to complete a Bachelors degree. However, institutions, like Maryville University, offer the opportunity to achieve a degree without losing time on travelling. So you can gain a degree in communications and also still have time and energy to gain work experience.

  1. The doors to the world will open

A communications degree opens you up to the option of working abroad and getting to travel and see the world. You will not be limited to choose from the options that are nearby. Instead, you have the potential to work anywhere around the globe.

  1. You will be able to get the most out of social media

Social media is a vital part of any modern lifestyle. For all the downsides, it does connect people, and that connection can lead to new opportunities and experiences. A degree in communications will help you develop the skills needed to maximise your profile and allow you to start making these connections.

  1. You can work from almost anywhere

As mentioned in reason 2, the doors to the world are open to you, and you could work in any country. However, because of the flexibility of jobs involving communications, you could also work in every country by becoming a digital nomad and travel the world while working freelance.

  1. Potential of earning a higher salary

Finally, the importance of earnings can not be forgotten. All of the above reasons are great but to enjoy them; you need to earn money. The good news is that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Communication based occupations make a significant amount more than the average wage.

By now, I hope you have gained an idea of just how much a degree in Communications can offer you and improve your career prospects. Of course, universities and degree are not for everyone, and there are plenty of other options for those without degrees. However, if a communications degree does interest you, then its benefits are clear.

Career Camel5 reasons a degree in communications will improve your career prospects

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