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The best companies in the world to work for in the last decade

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In a world where employees have more flexibility than ever to change jobs and move around to work wherever they want, companies have had to ensure that they are appealing to candidates and rewarding for existing employees. This can be seen in the lavish, exciting and engaging headquarters of tech giants like Google and Apple, but do you have to spend that kind of money to be seen as a good company to work for?

Taking a look at the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces lists from the last decade, this visualisation shows that it really is the tech companies that are leading the way, with the number 1 company in the world every year coming from that industry. Between 2011 and 2016, Google was right up there, including being in top spot four years in a row, while SAS Institute was also there or thereabouts, helped by its healthcare scheme and onsite pharmacy for staff.

In 2017, Google dropped right off the charts and was replaced for two years in first place by Salesforce, boosted by its staff benefits and volunteering schemes. By 2019, Cisco had taken first place to ensure a clean sweep for the tech industry. Across the 10 years, 16 of the 60 companies that featured were technology businesses, so it’s clear that the incredible competition for talent has had an impact.

The financial services industry had traditionally been leading the way for attracting and retaining the top employees, and eight of the 60 companies featured in these lists came from the world of finance, including the likes of American Express, Daimler Financial Services, and Scotiabank. Other industries to feature strongly include hospitality, with Hilton ending up in second place by 2018 and 2019 after rising up the lists across the decade.

Another success story from this visualisation is Mars, with the food giant starting off in 19th place in 2011 and ending up in fifth in 2019, having been as high as third a year earlier. Going in the opposite direction is McDonalds, which was eighth at the start of the decade but had dropped down to 23rd by the end. Of course, any company to feature on these lists has to be doing something right, even with declining fortunes like Ronald McDonald and Co.

So, what can we learn from these results? Certainly businesses of all kinds need to look at what is happening in Silicon Valley to see how to attract and retain the right staff, while workers can get a good idea of which companies are going the extra mile to make their working lives better. Have any of these businesses caught your eye?

Best companies in the world to work for infographic

In your opinion, what are the best companies in the world to work for? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sian ElvinThe best companies in the world to work for in the last decade

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