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Top IT roles for 2018

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From young children to great-grandparents in their 90s, everyone uses technology more than ever in a broadening range of ways. From staying connected with family and friends to ordering the weekly food shopping to staying up to date with what’s happening in the world to simply passing the time of day – IT stands at the heart of it all. Laptops, tablets and smartphones are tools upon which modern society is increasingly dependent.

In the business world, the reliance on technology is even stronger. It is used to communicate with clients, process orders and conduct financial transactions. Most companies would grind to a halt without access to their IT systems – in fact, for many businesses, it would not even be possible to get in through the front doors, given the smart keycard access that is typically used.

The US Department of Labor predicts that tech jobs will see 13 percent annual growth over the next ten years – far higher than any other sector. Yet of course, “tech” is a phrase that in itself covers a huge variety of roles. If you are considering a career in IT, here are three of the paths that should definitely be on your radar in 2018.

1) Network architect

All the diverse systems need to come together in a logical fashion so that a business can make the best use of them and get optimal return on investment. This is where network architects come in. In years gone by, as the technology developed, there were siloed systems for accounting, stock management, customer relationship management and so on. Today, companies such as provide hyper converged systems that allow all these systems to be managed and operated through a common set of tools. The shift towards this approach is one that is gaining traction with businesses across the globe, as a way to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Network architects have never been in greater demand.

2) Security analyst

Even those who know little about IT understand the importance of data security and are aware of the risks associated with hacking, malware and identity fraud. IT security analysts act as the gatekeepers for information systems. They plan and implement the security measures that protect a business’s systems from security breaches. The role is one that is just as important as physical security. If systems are breached, the cost to a company, both financially and in terms of reputation damage can be immense.

3) Software developer

Whether you are banking online, buying clothes or playing a game, every one of the apps and platforms you use has been created by a software developer. Even by IT sector standards, the demand for software developers is enormous right now. Developers are employed in a broad range of industries, including but not limited to IT systems design, finance, the games industry and manufacturing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment growth in excess of 30 percent over the next ten years, with more than 250,000 new jobs to be filled.

Are you hoping to start a career in IT? What role would you go for?

Career CamelTop IT roles for 2018

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