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Who said your art degree couldn’t lead to a career?

When you opted to take art at university level, the chances are that you received some backlash. Most of us face scepticism from those around us when we got down creative paths. And, it’s easy to see why. In many ways, creativity doesn’t pay. Or, at least, that’s what your parents would have you believe. Still, you’re sure that art is your calling, and you’ve overcome all the odds to prove it. Now, your course is coming to an end, and you’re starting to feel hot under the collar.

Unlike most uni leavers, you have a whole lot to prove. For the most part, you need to justify the last three years of your education. You can certainly bet that plenty of people will say ‘I told you so’ if you don’t make this work. And, that could be a blow you don’t need during your first job hunt.

The good news is, creative courses at uni aren’t as much of a waste of time as people might have you believe. There’s no denying that it can be tricky to survive off your creations straight away. But, there are some high-paying positions which could see your creative skills put to good use. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Make it in marketing

It may not be what you imagined, but marketing jobs could be the ideal fit for you. For one, the salary for positions like these is a pretty significant sway. Your family probably never thought you’d earn this kind of money when you told them you were studying art. Marketing is also fantastic because it harnesses your creativity. The more outlandish and artistic a marketing campaign is, the better chance it stands. If you want to walk straight into a high paying career with creative benefits, then, this is the choice for you.

Consider website design

It’s also worth noting that website design is big business at the moment. Every company out there needs a website to wow their customers. And, many of them are turning to outside sources for the service. Hence, website design companies are cropping up all over the place. You can bet most of them would jump at the chance of having an art graduate on board. Even if you know nothing about website creation right now, a little research could secure you the gig. Then, you’ll get paid to let your creative vision run wild.

Secure yourself as a social media manager

Companies also can’t do without social media right now. This may not seem like the most creative field, but it’s becoming more so. Even posting company Tweets involves thinking outside of the box. But, with visual platforms like Instagram taking over, this is becoming a more creative pursuit than ever. Even better, careers here will often call for you to work remotely. That way, you can control your time and make sure your own art gets a look in as well. Even your sceptical parents can’t sniff at that.

Have you thought of other ways to turn your artistic talents into a career? Let us below.

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