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Flying the nest: why you should go to uni away from home

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The time has come to leave home and go to university. For most of you, the excitement is almost palpable because you can’t wait to move. Believe it or not, some teenagers don’t want to leave. And, as a result, they decide to go to a local university and stay at home. There is nothing wrong with not flying the nest because it’s a personal choice. But, if you’re scared about going it alone for the first time, don’t be. Leaving home is a scary time in any teenager’s life, but it’s also one that is full of opportunities.

These are the reasons to get as far away as possible when you go to university.

Gain Independence

Everyone over the age of sixteen thinks they are the epitome of independence. The truth is that you can never be independent while your mum and dad pay the bills and cook your food. Becoming self-sufficient is all about cutting away the safety net and tackling life head-on. It might seem like a small thing, but paying rent is enough to make you see things differently. Even preparing your meals is a freeing experience. If you still get all the benefits of home while at uni, you aren’t seizing the chance to prepare for the real world.


University Halls Are Once In A Lifetime

Okay, so you can live in university halls as many times as you like if you keep on going back to university. The average person, however, only gets one undergraduate degree, which means one chance at campus glory. No matter how many people explain the experience, there is no way to understand it until you are apart of it. There is drinking, meeting new people, and wishing you were back at home while secretly enjoying every minute. At the end of it, you and your friends will look back at your time in halls and smile. Let’s face it – you don’t want to be the person that has to force a laugh.

Different Countries Have Different Cultures

Lots of undergraduates move away from home but stay in the same country. That’s a good start, but it’s only a start. For the best experience, you can move to a different country. Universities across the UK have links with establishments from Maryville University to Notre Dam, and you should use them to your advantage. The first thing to note is that it will be an experience unlike any other. Plus, there is the fact that you can visit a new place while studying, something most students can’t do until they’re 21. More importantly, you’ll get the chance to experience the culture of the country. Speaking a different language and getting used to the customs is a sure-fire way to gain your independence.

Become A New Person

Small places have a small town mentality. That means that everyone knows your business and you can’t get away from the past. A big city isn’t the same. For starters, they don’t care about your problems. For another, they don’t know who you are because you’re one person in a million. So, moving away is the chance to reinvent yourself in the best way possible.

Are you deciding between a local university and one further afield? How are you going to make the decision?

Career CamelFlying the nest: why you should go to uni away from home

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